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Gaithersburg Pet Sitting Welcomes You with Open Paws

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About Us

Established in 1994, we at Gaithersburg Pet Sitting offer a personalized experience to our clients and the very best of loving care to their pets. 

Our award winning* in home pet sitting and dog walking services are available in Gaithersburg and Upper Montgomery County, Maryland.


Our staff is devoted to giving the love, care and affection that these important members of your family deserve while you are away from your home.

Rosary - Founder and Owner of Gaithersburg Pet Sitting. 

Rosary has been asked to share her knowledge of pet sitting in multiple print and television interviews on a local, national and international level.

Rosary's dedication to animals has also led her to lengthy stints volunteering at natural disasters at shelters after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav and in Norman, Oklahoma after the devastating tornados.

Rosary is staff to a dog, grand dog, cat and an African Grey Parrot.

Joe - For more than two decades Joe has been as faithful and dependable as the dogs he loves to walk and run with.

Staff to a dog, grand dog, cat and an African Grey Parrot.

??? - Are you the special someone missing from our team? And willing to pay the care, love and attention that we here at Gaithersburg Pet Sitting show to all our clients and their precious pets?

We are looking for a mature, responsible and experienced pet sitter that is owned by at least one pet. 

Dog Walks are between 11am and 3pm Monday to Friday, while Daily Visits are carried out between 8am and 8pm seven days a week.

Our new team member could take on either one or both responsibilities depending on availability. 

If this sounds like you please contact Rosary on 301 926 0222 to discuss further.

* Pet Sitter of the Year awarded by Pet Sitters International to Rosary Bovello owner of Gaithersburg Pet Sitting

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Service Areas

We provide our services to the following areas of Montgomery County, Maryland:

Gaithersburg, including:

- Old Towne;

- Montgomery Village;

- East Village;

- Derwood;

- Kings Farm;

- Crowne;

- Kentlands;

- Goshen Estates;

- Airpark area; and

- Parts of North Potomac and Germantown.

Let us meet you at your home.

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Client Familiarization 


$20    Per initial visit 

Introduce us to your pets and your home.
Let us get to know your pets, their likes and dislikes, and their habits. Tell us how you would like us to care for them and pass on important details like yours and your veterinarians contact details.
if we are to be performing Daily Visits show us around your home and the different home maintenance and security tasks you would like us to manage.
We do not provide any other services until this meeting has taken place.
The fee covers all administration costs related to your account as well as the pet sitter's time.

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Daily Visits


$22    One pet per visit

$24    Two pets per visit

$26    Three pets per visit

Call to discuss the price of four or more pets

Please be advised that pets with special needs may incur additional charges

* A Holiday Surcharge of $5 per pet per day will be applied. Holidays are defined as New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

When away from home your pets can stay in the comfort of their own surrounds while we provide personalized, professional and loving care for them.

Also great for kittens, puppies and geriatric pets. 

Visits are for a minimum of 30 minutes and will depend on the number of pets and the tasks to be performed.


  • Mealtime and fresh water​

  • Food bowls cleaned

  • Litterboxes and cages cleaned

  • Lots of playtime and love

  • Exercise and walks with each visit 


  • Plants watered

  • Lights, curtains and blinds alternated

  • Mail and newspaper collected

  • Trash and recycling put out and collected 


Personalized Mid Day Dog Walks


$20    One dog

$22    Two dogs walked together

We spend 20 minutes giving your dog that extra exercise they need during the middle of the day to keep them healthy and active and to stop them from getting bored.
Since we are only walking your dog we can provide lots of love and all the attention they need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

What is pet sitting?

Pet sitting is a fantastic service available for you and your pets when you are away from home.
Our Pet Sitter visits your home one to four times a day for 30 - 40 minutes providing love and attention, feeding, replenishing water and exercising your pets.
In addition to this we at Gaithersburg Pet Sitting also include home security and maintenance services to keep your property safe while you are away.

How does pet sitting benefit your pets?

Many veterinarians and pet experts believe keeping pets in their familiar surroundings helps avoid much of the stress pets feel when their owners leave them.
By using a pet sitter your pets also receive individualized care based on their specific needs including diet, medications, exercise routine, and of course lots of attention and love.

What are the advantages of pet sitting over alternatives?

With your pets already being in their own home, it eliminates the trauma of transportation and confinement in a cage. Your pet continues to follow their own routine in their own environment with familiar toys, bedding and food.

They are not exposed to illness and are not required to have the vaccinations as stipulated for boarding.

Our pet sitting fees are reasonable, and especially for multiple pet households, are often less expensive than boarding. 

Do you have experience with pets other than cats and dogs?

Yes, we have cared for all sorts of pets in our almost three decades in the pet sitting business.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bearded Dragons

  • Geckos

  • Frogs

  • Sugar Gliders

  • Turtles

  • Tropical Fish

  • Parrots

  • Hedgehogs

  • Guinea Pigs

  • Mice and Rats

  • Chickens

Is Gaithersburg Pet Sitting bonded and insured?

Yes, we and our independent contractors are fully bonded and insured.
Our liability insurance policy offers financial protection in the event we are responsible for an accident while caring for your pets.

What references can you supply?

On request we can provide references from local veterinarians and references from our clients are available on this website and Google Reviews.
Gaithersburg Pet Sitting is also a member in good standing of Pet Sitters International.

What are Gaithersburg Pet Sitting LLC's Service Terms and Conditions?

Please view here to view our full Service Terms and Conditions.

How do I book my services?

If you are a first time client please call us on 301 926 0222 during business hours to book your Client Familiarization Consultation time. We can also book your service requirements at the same time.
Existing clients can call us on 301 926 0222 0r email us at with their requirements.

How much notice is needed to book pet sitting services

As much notice as possible is always appreciated.
For established clients we will always try to accommodate your short notice requests. 
Please note that for new clients the Client Familiarization meeting can not be avoided as there is critical information and forms that need to be completed during this time,
A same day service will incur an extra fee,

What happens if my pet gets sick while I am away?

We always observe pets carefully for signs of illness.
In an acute emergency we will transport your pet to your veterinarian immediately, however wherever possible we will contact you first.
During the initial consultation a form is completed giving us permission to have your pet treated by a veterinarian and your veterinarians details.
For out of hours emergencies there are clinics in Rockville and Gaithersburg that can be reached 24 hours a day.

What happens if the pet sitter can not perform scheduled services?

We always have back up sitters, just in case.
Details of all schedules and required services and the specifics are maintained so that a back up pet sitter can step in with out any disruption to your pets.

What if there is a delay in our return from vacation? 

Our policy is to continue service UNTIL you, the client, calls to inform us of your return home. 
So it doesn't matter if you are delayed a day or a week, we will still be there caring for your pets.

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Ann Utterback

Rosary and Gaithersburg Pet Sitting have been part of our life for over thirty years.
I could write volumes about how reliable, kind and caring her pet sitters are. Suffice to say, we have always felt 100% confident working with her and her company.
We know they'll be there are agreed, and stay and play with our cats. She won't just come in, feed them and leave. In fact sometimes over the years we've felt our cats loved her more than us!
I can recommend Gaithersburg Pet Sitting without any hesitation. They are the best in the area!

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